TIPSON  WELLNESS TEAS  TEA BAG  FOIL  Organic Turmeric & Peach Moringa
TIPSON -WELLNESS TEAS -TEA BAG -FOIL -Organic Turmeric & Peach Moringa
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TIPSON -WELLNESS TEAS -TEA BAG -FOIL -Organic Turmeric & Peach Moringa

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Code                                           : 80206-00

Packing                                       : Foiled envelopes packed to cardboard box.

Net weight Unit/Export                : 37.5g / 0.225Kg

Units per export                          : 6

Unit Dimensions (LxWxH)          : 79mm x 67mm x 130mm

Export Dimensions (LxWxH)      : 214mm x 135mm x 177mm

Unit Barcode (EAN 13)               : 4792252937741

Export Barcode (ITF 14)             : 14792252937748

Ingredients                                  :  organic lemongrass, organic moringa, organic turmeric & natural flavour peach.


TIPSON -WELLNESS TEAS -TEA BAG -FOIL -Organic Turmeric & Peach Moringa

ORGANIC TURMERIC WITH PEACH & MORINGA  - A healthy brew of Moringa with its superfood properties, in combination with turmeric recognized for its cleansing properties and a touch of Peach. A cup rich in nutrients ideal to be enjoyed after a meal or any time of day. 

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